Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems-XIII (ASPLOS '09)
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Fourteenth International Conference on
 Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems
 (ASPLOS '09)

Keynote Details

Saving the Planet with Systems Research

Luiz André Barroso, Google


The computing industry has become so successful that almost every economic sector benefits from its advances, while also being impacted by its costs. The energy footprint of computers is one such cost. The dramatic growth of computer deployments, both in personal devices and servers, has made the energy usage of computers an increasing percentage of the world's electricity budget. In data center installations, energy-related costs are rising as a fraction of total expenses. Either of these trends left unchecked has the
potential to hurt our industry, our economy or our planet. In this talk I will discuss these trends, focusing on large data centers, and argue that systems researchers have a pivotal role to play in solving these problems.

Speaker Bio

Luiz André Barroso is a Distinguished Engineer at Google, where he has worked across several engineering areas, ranging from applications and software infrastructure to the design of Google's computing platform. Prior to working at Google, he was a member of the research staff at Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation, where his group did some of the pioneering work on computer architectures for commercial workloads. That work included the design of Piranha, a system based on an aggressive chip-multiprocessing, which helped inspire some of the multi-core CPUs that are now in the mainstream. Luiz has a Ph.D. degree in computer engineering from the University of Southern California and B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica, Rio de Janeiro.

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