University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS851: Biologically-Inspired Computing

Project Presentations

Each presentation will be strictly limited to twenty minutes with additional time for questions. If you plan ahead and use your time wisely, this is plenty of time.

The goal of almost all presentations is to get your audience interested enough in what you are talking about that they will want to learn more. For your project presentations, the goal is to make your audience understand and remember the most important idea from your project. You cannot expect to convey a lot of technical information, but you should be able to motivate your work and convince your audience why it is important and interesting, make it abundantly clear to your audience what you actually did. There should be some technical content in your talk, including an explanation of one nugget that came out of your work.

All talks should tell a story. Don't fall into the trap of reading a list. All good stories:

Nearly all stories follow this model, and nearly all presentations should also.


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Department of Computer Science
CS 851: Biologically-Inspired Computing