University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS200: Computer Science, Spring 2004

Pop Quiz

This quiz is anonymous and closed notes. Don't put your name on it. Don't use your notes.

1. How far have you read in GEB?

_____    The whole book
_____    Beyond Part I
_____    Finished Part I
_____    Didn't finish Part I, but finished at least through Chapter VII
_____    Didn't finish Chapter VII, but finished at least through Chapter VI
_____    Didn't finish Chapter VII, but finished at least through Chapter V
_____    Haven't yet read through Chapter V
2. Should Problem Set 7 be:
_____    More practical, preparation for building dynamic web sites
_____    More theoretical, learning about languages
3. So far, class is going:

_____    Way too fast
_____    Too fast
_____    Just about right
_____    Too slow
_____    Way too slow
4. How far have you gotten in PS6:

_____    Finished, I'm working on making a cool adventure game
_____    Finished Question 6 (make-police-officer)
_____    Finished Question 4 (make-professor)
_____    Finished Question 2
_____    Started it, but haven't finished Question 2 yet
_____    Read through the PS, but haven't answered any questions yet
_____    Haven't started it yet
5. What should be different about the rest of the course?

More Questions on Back

6. What is Computer Science?

7. What does it mean for an axiomatic system to be complete?

8. Barber paradox (similar to Russell's paradox): In Charlottansville, there is a barber who shaves every man who does not shave himself, and no one else. Who shaves the barber?

9. List all the computer scientists you can and what they did:

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