University of Virginia Department of
    Computer Science

? Being a Grad Student
How to get started and into the swing of graduate studies.
? Writing Speaking and Refereeing Skills
More effective technical communication and presentation.
? Authoring Tools
Info on paper writing tools‚ figures‚ etc.
? Electronic Information Exchange
Communicate with other people
? Library Research
UVA Research Facilities.
? The UVA CS Department FAQ
As compiled by the graduate students.
Administrative Details ?
What every good UVA CS student should know.
Time Management ?
How to be more effective and productive.
Operating Environment Customization ?
Make your environment your own.
Computing Hardware ?
What kind of equipment do we have‚ and how do we use it.
Software Development ?
Programming languages and development tools.
Web Authoring ?
CS 696 talk on web design.

HelpNet was created by the 1995 incoming graduate class. It is only occasionally updated.
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