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Microsoft Excel is a general purpose spreadsheet for Microsoft Windows on IBM-compatible PCs and for Macintoshes. It is officially supported by the department.


The Details


Microsoft Excel can be found on all the IBM-compatible PC's in the department. The current version is 5.0. As it is part of the Microsoft Office suite, you will probably find it in the Microsoft Office folder. The Macintoshes in the department usually have a copy of Microsoft Excel also, but the versions vary.


To start Microsoft Excel, double-click on the icon for Microsoft Excel. On both the PCs and the Macintoshes, Microsoft Excel will automatically open a blank document that you can immediately start work on.

Using -- The Basics

Using Microsoft Excel is fairly straightforward. The menus are set up to fit with the usual structure for Macintosh or Microsoft Windows applications. You move between fields by using the tab key and arrow keys. To enter a function, start the field entry with an "=". For a list of all functions you can select Function from the Insert menu. To create a graph, highlight the data you wish to graph, and select Chart from the Insert menu. Follow the prompts. Generally speaking, if there is anything you can not figure out how to do, you can easily find out by looking at on-line help.

Getting Help

Microsoft Excel, like all current Microsoft applications has extensive on-line help. It covers everything from simple things like saving documents to more complex topics such as object-link embedding. In addition, there is a status bar at the bottom of the screen that will give you a quick one line explanation of what a currently selected menu item or button does.

Other Sources

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