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FrameMaker is a powerful document processing software package. Its original purpose was as a desktop publishing system for engineering workstations. It includes a word processor and several tools for editing graphics objects and other kinds of material. One of the most important attractions to FrameMaker for use at The University is that files created on one platform can be used, in their binary form, on any of the other platforms without modification.


Here are just a few of the functions performed by FrameMaker.

Purpose at Virginia

Attractive Features



The department currently supports version 4 on the Unix machines and the PCs on the network. Version 5 is also available but not yet supported.

Running FrameMaker

FrameMaker can be started on the Microsoft Windows machines by selecting the Frame icon. On the Unix workstations, it is available as an installed application on the CS default environment for some users. It can also be started by typing "maker" in the Unix command line. It is better if it is started as a background task.

Getting Help

Most folks in the CS department can guide you to get started with FrameMaker. Manuals (real live paper copies) are also around.

More Information

HelpNet was created by the 1995 incoming graduate class. It is only occasionally updated.
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