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Smart Routing in Smart Cities


In smart cities, commuters have the opportunities for smart routing that may enable selecting a route with less car accidents, or one that is more scenic, or perhaps a straight and flat route. Such smart personalization requires a data management framework that goes beyond a static road network graph. This paper introduces PreGo, a novel system developed to provide real time personalized routing. The recommended routes by PreGo are smart and personalized in the sense of being:

(1) adjustable to individual users preferences such as safest path, most-scenic path, fastest path, etc

(2) subjective to the trip start time by allowing the user to choose the start time such that the needed preferences are more likely to obtain.

(3) sensitive to changes of the road conditions. That is done by integrating the novel ATAG structure that maintains vectors of cost values for each preference during time slots of the day.



PreGo System


Abdeltawab M. Hendawi, Aqeel Rustum, Amr A. Ahmadain, David Hazel, Ankur Teredesai, Dev Oliver, Mohamed Ali, and John A. Stankovic. Smart Personalized Routing For Smart Cities. In the proceedings of the IEEE ICDE 2017.