Kim Hazelwood
Associate Professor
502 Rice Hall
Department of Computer Science
School of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Virginia
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I have been a faculty member at UVa since 2005, and was promoted to associate professor in 2011. Prior to UVa, I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Harvard University in 2004, where my advisor was Michael D. Smith. I also spent a year as a full-time postdoc at Intel Massachusetts, and the following six years as a faculty consultant for Intel. After a three year stint at Google in Mountain View from 2011-2014, I am now at Yahoo Labs in Sunnyvale.

Honors & Awards.


While my general research interests span the areas of code optimization, program analysis, and computer architecture, I tend to focus on methods for enabling and applying run-time adaptation. My work on enabling adaptation has involved research and development efforts on dynamic binary modification engines and process-level virtual machines. Meanwhile, my work on applying adaptation has involved cross-layer solutions (involving hardware, middleware, and software) to the problems of heterogeneous multicore processing, temperature-aware and reliability-aware computing, and memory-constrained or resource-constrained (embedded) systems. I currently collaborate on the Pin Project and the Paradox Project, and I lead the Tortola Project.

My work is funded by Google, Microsoft, the National Science Foundation, the Semiconductor Research Corporation, and the Virginia Space Grant Consortium. See the relevant press in UVa ResearchNews, Slashdot, ZDNet, Computer World, EE Times, or MIT Technology Review.

Courses .

  • CS/ECE 3330 - Computer Architecture - Fall 2009, Fall 2010
  • CS 471 - Compiler Construction (Front End) - Fall 2006, Fall 2007
  • CS 671 (now 6620) - Compilers (Front and Back End) - Spring 2008, Spring 2010
  • CS 771 - Advanced Optimizing Compilers (Back End) - Fall 2005
  • CS 851 - Virtual Machines - Spring 2006, Spring 2007
  • Process Virtualization and Symbiotic Program Optimization - ACACES Summer School (Barcelona, Spain) - Summer 2009

Graduate Students .

  • Michelle McDaniel, Ph.D. Student.
  • Chris Gregg, Ph.D. 2012. Now joining Tufts University.
  • Dan Upton, Ph.D. 2011. Now at Microsoft.
  • Apala Guha, Ph.D. 2010 (co-advised by Mary Lou Soffa). Now at University of Chicago.
  • Derek Davis, M.S. 2010. Now at SAS.
  • Balaji Dhanasekaran, M.E. 2010. Now at AMD.
  • Blake Sheridan, M.E. 2009.
  • Arun Thomas, M.E. 2008. Now at Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands.

Prospective Graduate Students .

Unfortunately, I am no longer taking new students.

Professional Activities .

Industry Collaborations .

I spent 2005-2011 as a faculty consultant for Intel in Hudson, MA working on the Pin project. I spent 2004-2005 as a full-time postdoc at Intel. In graduate school, I also spent a summer at HP in Cupertino, CA (working on the CarbonFire project), two summers at HP Labs in Cambridge, MA (working on Dynamo and DELI), and one summer at IBM Research in Hawthorne, NY (working on Jikes RVM).

Academic Genealogy .

Walter Francis Colby, Ph.D. '09, Michigan
-->David Dennison, Ph.D. '24, Michigan
  -->Henry Foley, Ph.D. '43, Michigan
    -->Joseph Traub, Ph.D. '59, Columbia
      -->H.T. Kung, Ph.D. '74, Carnegie Mellon
        -->Monica Lam, Ph.D. '87, Carnegie Mellon
          -->Michael D. Smith, Ph.D. '92, Stanford
            -->Kim Hazelwood, Ph.D. '04, Harvard

Other Interests .

Kim at Mile 26 of the 2005 Boston Marathon Kim Graduating from Harvard Kim and Matt's Wedding - May 19, 2001 Anastasia (Oct 2008) and Adrianna (Jan 2011) Kim Skydiving over Kennedy Space Center Kim and Matt Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef Kim Rock Climbing in Taos, New Mexico The Zorb in New Zealand! (Yes, I'm inside that ball, rolling down a hill) Kim and Matt Skiing in Park City, Utah Kim's First Attempt at Snowboarding (Mont-Tremblant, Quebec) Rafting on the Upper Gauley (West Virginia) Hiking up the Great Wall of China

I was runner #17355 in the 2005 Boston Marathon and runner #3661 in the 2007 Disney World Marathon. (Unfortunately, I had a pelvic stress fracture a week before the 2009 NYC Marathon.) I have also been skydiving, bungee jumping, and scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef and in Maui. The rest of my free time is spent traveling or hanging out with my wonderful husband, Matt Cettei, and our beautiful daughters Anastasia, Adrianna, and Zoe.

Paris in 2001 Vancouver in 2002 Alaska in 2002 Australia in 2004 New Zealand in 2004 Nova Scotia in 2005 Quebec City in 2005 Barcelona in 2005 Ottawa in 2006 Korea in 2006 Brugges in 2007 Brussels in 2007 Beijing in 2008