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University of Virginia Teams Qualify for
International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC)
World Finals

ICPC groupFor the fourth time in five years, a team from the University of Virginia has advanced to the world finals in the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC)! The team of Neal Milstein (SEAS 3rd year), Derek Morris (SEAS 2nd year), and Carson Wang (CLAS 2nd year) solved 5 of 8 programming problems, placing second place in the region. The top 2 or 3 teams from this region will advance to the world finals, so that team -- along with coach Aaron Bloomfield -- will travel to St. Petersburg, Russia, to compete in the world finals from June 30, 2013 to July 4, 2013.

Each year, programming teams of three students compete in their local regional contests in the fall, and the top 100 teams in the world advance to the world finals in the spring. Close to 10,000 teams (30,000 students) will participate in the regional contests this year. There are 11 regions in North America, and UVa's region consists of the nearest 6 states (MD, DE, VA, WV, NC, DC, and eastern PA). This year's regional contest was on November 10th, and 172 teams from 67 institutions throughout the region competed at 9 different sites in the region. UVa fielded 8 teams, and traveled to Radford University, in Radford, VA, for the competition.

UVa's top team, named NoSuchMethodExceptions, solved 5 problems in a total time of 645 minutes, coming in second place in the region. The top 2 or 3 teams from this region will advance to the world finals, but no school can send more than one team. UVa had 3 teams in the top 10, and 6 teams in the top 25.

The UVa teams that participated are listed below. The final scoreboard is at

- Dru Knox, Lenny Li, Eric Bomgardner (Team ArrayStoreExceptions) - Kevin Whelan, Bethany Connor, Casey Huang (Team NullPointerExceptions) - Jinyan Liu, Leiqing Cai, Shuaihao Zhang (Team ClassNotFoundExceptions) - Nishant Shukla, Puneet Lall, Jasdev Singh (Team ArithmeticExceptions) - Carson Wang, Neal Milstein, Derek Morris (Team NoSuchMethodExceptions) - Matt Hurtz, Matt Henderson, Stephanie Maxwell (Team UnsupportedOperationExceptions) - Ji Min Jin, Sang Koo, Devin Yee (Team SecurityExceptions) - James Sun, Arjun Shankar, Matt Pearson-Beck (Team RuntimeExceptions)

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