[splint-discuss] bug with -load flag

Jay A. St. Pierre Jay.St.Pierre at Colorado.EDU
Mon Nov 3 01:07:01 EST 2003

On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, David Evans wrote:

> On Sun, 2 Nov 2003, Jay A. St. Pierre wrote:
> >
> > So why does it parse uio.h but not vxTypes.h?  Is there any way
> > to figure out in what order splint is including files and which
> > files it is deciding to parse?  Or is there a way to generate the
> > preprocessed file that splint parses?
> >
> If you use +keep, you can examine the preprocessor output files.
> Neither uio.h nor vxTypes.h is in the list of excluded standard headers.
> The different behavior is probably based on which files include them.

Thanks.  With the output of the preprocessor, I was able to see
that uio.h also gets included by ioLib.h (non-standard header),
but vxTypes.h is only included through sys/types.h (posix

Ugh.  The vxWorks header files include many of the standard and 
posix header files, but they also define many extensions (mostly 
unix-like things).  This means I either have to add a bunch more 
items to an extended posix library, or I have to let splint parse 
the header files.  If I let splint parse the header files, it 
chokes in environments where stdargs.h is provided by gcc 3.x.

Obviously, extending our local "posix" library is the correct 
choice, but that's not happening tonight. :)

Thanks for all your help.


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