[splint-discuss] likelybounds ?

Marco.Giromini at marconiselenia.com Marco.Giromini at marconiselenia.com
Wed Nov 5 12:49:56 EST 2003

I tried the two separate flags with Splint 3.1.1 for linux and I got the
following error message:
.splintrc:285:12: Unrecognized option: +likelyboundsread
.splintrc:285:12: Unrecognized option: +likelyboundswrite
Marco Giromini

Argenton Paolo <Paolo.Argenton at elsag.it>@cs.virginia.edu on 11/05/2003
02:32:28 PM

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Subject:    [splint-discuss] likelybounds ?

I was unable to have the likelybounds flag working correctly, while the
bounds flag behaves ok.
In other words likelybounds behaves as if never set, has anybody dealt with
this problem ?
P.S. splint is 3.1.1 win32 version
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