[splint-discuss] How can I overcome these two warnings?

FND-AD YAO Roy Roy.YAO at alcatel-sbell.com.cn
Sun Nov 30 23:45:53 EST 2003


Here are two problems blocked me while learning splint.
Can anyone help me?

When I use splint to check my header file bool.h, no warning is given.
But when I check another source file that included bool.h,
the following warnings are given.
( my splint version is

bool.h:5:13: Type exported, but not specified: bool
bool.h:4:14: Flag booltype (in semantic comment) must be followed by an

Why? How can I overcome them?

Best regards,
Roy Yao

+++++ code excerpt: bool.h +++++

      1 #ifndef BOOL_H__
      2 #define BOOL_H__
      4 /*@-cppnames -booltype bool@*/
      5 typedef int bool;
      6 /*@=cppnames@*/
      8 #ifndef FALSE
      9 /*@constant unused bool FALSE@*/
     10 #define FALSE 0
     11 #endif
     13 #ifndef TRUE
     14 /*@constant unused bool TRUE@*/
     15 #define TRUE (!FALSE)
     16 #endif
     18 #endif
+++++ end +++++

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