[splint-discuss] Parse Error on variable declaration in the middle of a function.

Johan splint at fun-tech.se
Sat Mar 21 03:38:14 PST 2009


I get a Parse error on variable declaration in the middle of a function.

I started a question about this on this site:
And somebody believed that this could be a error in splint, since this 
was correct c99 code.
(I hope it is correct c99, gcc approves anyway).

A short version of the error:

#include  <stdio.h>
int main()
    printf("Hello splint test\n");

    int i;

    return 0;

And splint returns this:

splint +gnuextensions main.c
Splint 3.1.1 --- 03 Nov 2006

Command Line: Setting +gnuextensions redundant with current value
main.c:8:8: Parse Error. (For help on parse errors, see splint -help

Platform used is Ubuntu 8.04 with gvim as editor.

Is this a splint bug or did I miss something?


Note: sorry if this mail comes twice, I accidentally sent it from the 
wrong address the first time.
But I think that that mail got trapped in a filter, but if it is not and 
it hits the list I apologies in advance.
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