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CS Research

The computer science department at the University of Virginia attracts federal research support in excess of $6 million annually, with total external research funding of more than $7 million each year. In recent years, the department has brought in $11 million in sponsored research, $440,000 per faculty member who received funding.

In addition to excelling in traditional research areas within computer science, we believe that many important research challenges lie at the boundary of computer science and other disciplines.

With exceptional strength in experimental systems and applied research, our researchers are blazing new trails in many areas including:

Architecture & High-Performance Computing


Computational Biology


Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-social Systems

Digital Humanities

Embedded Systems


Graphics and Computer Vision

Cloud Computing

Information Retrieval

Internet of Things

Machine Learning

Programming languages

Real-Time Systems

Security & Privacy

Secure & Dependable Software Systems

Software Engineering

Temperature-aware electronics

Text Mining

Wireless Health