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RTAS 2004

IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium
May 25 - May 28, 2004
Le Royal Meridien, King EdwardToronto, Canada

Work in Progress Session A - Windsor Ballroom
Chair: John Regehr
"Combined Approach of OSGi and RTLinux Framework for Supporting Software Architecture of Internet Embedded Real-Time System"
Won Eui Hong, Bon Jin Ku, Myung Jin Lee, Hong Bae Park, Soon Ju Kang
"A Quality of Control Architecture and Codesign Method"
Martin Sanfridson, Martin Torngren and Jan Wikander
"Time-Constrained JPEG Image Tranmision via Variable-Quality Coding"
Feng Shang and Albert Mo Kim Cheng
"Dynamic Call Admission Control with Joint Connection-Level and Packet-Level QoS Support in Wireless Multimedia Networks"
Lei Huang, C.-C. Jay Kuo
"Instruction Duration Estimation by Partial Trace Evaluation"
Matteo Corti, Thomas Gross
"Workload Functions: A New Paradigm for Real-time Computing"
Frank Drews, David Juedes, Lonnie Welch
"Optimizing Power Aware Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"
Jharna Chokhawala and Albert Mo Kim Cheng
"Context-aware Real-time Scheduling"
Kanishka Gupta, Azer Bestavros, Ibrahim Matta
"Static and Dynamic Methods to Improve Total Reward of Tasks in Battery Powered Devices"
Chien-Chih Chu and Albert Mo Kim Cheng
"Optimizing Application Performance by Rate Selection in Fixed-Priority RT Systems"
Enrico Bini, Marco Di Natale, Luigi Palopoli
"A Component-based Design Methodology for Real-Time Applications: Mapping HRT-HOOD to UML"
Tullio Vardanega, Marco Di Natale, Silvia Mazzini, Massimo D'Alessandro
"Application of Associative Processor on the Parallel Implementation of AES"
Chang N. Zhang, Yawen Wu, Hua Li
Work in Progress Session B - Knightsbridge
Chair: Chris Gill
"Modelling and Analysis of In-Situ Validation Technique for Multiphase Flowmeters"
Ahmed Abou-arkoub, Richard Thorn, and Amar Bousbain
"Wirange: A Smart Wireless Field Test Analyzer on the Embedded Tablet"
Hung-Ming Chen, Po-Hung Chen, Tai-Jee Pan, Feipei Lai
"Concept of time-triggered image acquisition for embedded control applications"
Wilfried Kubinger and Martin Humenberger
"CLAM: a Time-Sensitive Approach to Mobile Robot Localisation And Mapping"
Micucci Daniela, Marchese Fabio, Sorrenti Domenico, Tisato Francesco
"Improving Control Performance Using Discrete Quality of Service Levels in a Real-Time System"
Caixue Lin, Pau Marti, Scott A. Brandt, Scott Banachowski, Manel Velasco and Josep M. Fuertes
"Digital Filters with Adaptive Length for Real-Time Applications"
Nicolas Perrin and Bonnie Heck Ferri
"Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems with RT-CD++"
Gabriel Wainer, Ezequiel Glinsky
"Co-operative Dynamic Partitioning of a Real-Time Kernel in an Autonomous Landing Vehicle (ALV) controller"
Dipnarayan Guha and Mashfique Hassan
"Real-Time Leader Election for Cooperative Control of Dynamic Vehicle Formations"
Cristian Tapus and Lars B. Cremean
"Evaluating the real-time performance of the RLC1 processor in control applications: a case study using a DC motor speed control"
R. Cayssials, O. Alimenti and E. Ferro
"Incremental Reorganization of Open Hash Tables"
Dale Parson
"Real-time CORBA on MICO-MT Design, Implementation, Performance and Application" A. David Selvakumar, P.M.Sobha, R. Pitchiah