Re: Attainable memory bandwidth

From: David Wright (wright@Stardent.COM)
Date: Mon Sep 30 1991 - 16:24:28 CDT

You write:

>I inadvertantly transmitted a bad copy of the program with the
>referenced message. Due to several errors, this code gives bogus
>results, and should be discarded. The results in the table that I
>posted are not too bad, but the results from running the program that
>I actually sent out are worthless.

>I have built two new versions that (I hope) are much more reliable.
>They are called stream_s.f and stream_d.f and are available by
>anonymous ftp from in bench/stream/.

Gee, and here we'd already been playing around with it and discovering
that it was bad. We were all set to email you...

Anyway, Stardent doesn't have ftp capability, but we'd love have
copies of your (corrected) programs, particularly to see how our
Vistra machines do. So, could I prevail upon you to email copies?
We'll email the results back when we get 'em. After all, you really
should have an i860-based machine in your results.

  -- David Wright, Stardent Computer Inc

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