Re: stream_d.f timing for FPS 511

From: jacobsd@frisby.CS.ORST.EDU
Date: Fri Oct 04 1991 - 09:49:36 CDT

> Do you happen to know the clock speed used on this box?
> One of the columns in my summary table is bandwidth in bytes/clock cycle.

  HZ is defined to be 60 in /usr/include/sys/param.h.

  The FPS literature states a "15ns clock" and 67 (native) MIPS.

  The vector processor is rated at 67 MFLOPS (judging from the other figures
and it's linpack performance, these are peak MFLOPS)
  8 vector registers, 1024 64-bit elements.

 more propaganda:
   Scalable Interconnect Architecture:
     33MHz cycle time, 1GB/sec bandwidth
     Multiple 267 MB/sec peak transfer paths

  If you'd like any more information, I can ask some of the technical support

Disclaimer: I don't work for FPS -- my university bought a system, and I get
to play with it. I'd rather another Oregon company not go under however..
Opinion: It's fast but quirky (compared to a normal Sun box).

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