Re: The Great C vs. Fortran debate

From: William Rosenkranz (
Date: Mon Oct 07 1991 - 10:02:58 CDT

thanx for the stream code (new rev). i was just about to pick it up
from the ftp archive anyway. yes, i have followed your progress on
this with more than a fair amount of interest.

i think i mentioned about the possible hazards of using CPU time vs
wallclock and i think you responded in some fashion (but i have been
so busy lately i am not sure i read it carefully). i do remember
seing multihead CPU times (posted by my old friend andrew zachary
in darien, CT). now obviously he needed wallclock time there :-).

the other thing that naturally comes to mind is measuring non-unit
stride (either "regular" or scatter/gather) memory references with
these common kernels. it would be interesting to look at both CPU
and wallclock in those cases as well vs unit stride.

another interesting test would be to shake down the system's ability
to page with very large strides (>> cache size). but then again,
you won't find cray datapoints with real a(100000000) :-).

i look forward to more on this. and thanx again for passing this
on. i am so swamped now that i doubt that i will be able to do much
for a few weeks...


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