Re: Memory Bandwidth Table

From: Andrew Zachary (
Date: Tue Nov 05 1991 - 12:16:40 CST


In looking throught your latest posting of the memory bandwidth table,
I was struck by the numbers for the CM2. In particular, the numbers
you report for the SAXPY and SUM show speeds greater than 80 Gbytes/sec.
The numbers I have indicate that the limiting memory bandwidth on
a fully configure CM2 will be

        4 bytes/sec/processor * 2000 processors * 10 Mhz = 80 Gbytes/sec

This number should be a "guaranteed not to exceed" performance indicator.
How, then, did TMC produce a larger number? Did they use arrays small
enough to fit inside the registers on the Wyteks? Did they "tweek" the
machine to improve the clock speed? Is there a cache on the Wyteks?
Do you have any other thoughts about how TMC exceeded their speed-of-light

Andrew Zachary

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