Questions on STREAM Benchmark table

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Date: Thu Jul 21 1994 - 04:52:22 CDT

Dear Mr. McCalpin,

Thank you for the memory information that you have published -- it is
very interesting and educational. I have been looking at the copy of
your STREAM table dated Wed May 25 09:42:20 1994 and have two questions:

   1) Is there a more recent version? I looked on comp.benchmarks, but
      didn't see one. If there is, an e-mail copy would be very kind.

   2) Perhaps the copy I have is missing some information; but when I
      look at the table with "speedup ratios", it doesn't always seem
      to map back to the raw data in the first table. For Cray C90
      there are speedups reported for 1,2,4,8,16 CPUs, and sure enough
      in the first table I can see the raw data for all of these.
      But for the SGI Challenge 150 Mhz there is a report of 1,4,8 CPUs
      and I can't see the corresponding raw data. I suppose I could
      try to derive it, for example by multiplying the 8-CPU "SGI Challenge
      150MHz" Copy speedup of 7.10 by the Copy bandwidth in the base table,
      but that's not easy since I'm not sure which base table entry to

               SGI Challenge 150 Mhz 8 58.2
               SGI Challenge 150 Mhz 4 66.7
               SGI Challenge 1 cpu 8 57.1
               SGI Challenge 1 cpu 4 53.3

      The Sun SparcCenter 2000 likewise has more CPU entries in the
      second table than in the first.

Thanks very much for your help

   /John Henning
    CSG Performance Group

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