Thanks for the updates

From: John, dtn 381-0378 28-Aug-1995 1743 (
Date: Mon Aug 28 1995 - 16:48:31 CDT

Hi John,

Thanks for the updates to the table. Just a couple comments on the
names you've chosen:

There is no such thing as a "DEC 2100 A500-4/190", although there
was "Digital 2100 A500" which was renamed to the "Digital AlphaServer
2100 4/200". It runs @190 Mhz - but the /200 was intended to indicate
approximate Mhz.

There's also no such thing as a "DEC 2100 A500-5/250", although there is
a "Digital AlphaServer 2100 5/250".

You are, of course, free to abbreviate the names in whatever way you
wish in your table - just thought you might want to know the official

Hope you got a parking space this morning!

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