CS 1110/1111: Introduction to Programming

Lecture 28


Test Review

Test 2 is held during normal class meeting time. It is 50 minutes long (even if you are in 1111).

LNEC and excused absences should already know about their arrangements. If you do not, contact LNEC or your professor immediately!

Test 2 Review Sheet


Studying for the Test

  1. Practice coding without using Eclipse.

    You'll be writing code on paper. This feels different than writing it in Eclipse. You don't want to be surprised by how different it feels. Practice writing code by hand.

    A few small syntax errors is OK. But if you are really off we will take off points. Try to write correct code

    You will never need to add import statements, but you might need to write class declaration, method declaration, etc.

    Try re-solving the homework problems on paper without looking at your code or textbook.

    You can find more sample problems in Programming Challenges in the textbook; try, for example, chapter 5's problems 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 15; and chapter 6's problems 1, 2, and 7.

    Also remember that speed matters. 50 minutes is not a long time.

  2. Read programs.

    We'll show you code and ask you what it does. You won't be able to have Java run it. Practice thinking through code without running it. Drawing memory pictures can be very helpful, but memory sketches will not be on the test directly.

  3. Review the Lecture Notes.

    Not everything in the book is equally important. Review the lecture notes to see what we emphasized. If you are confused by some point, check the podcast.

From in-class review:

Section 002 (1pm)

Exam2Rewiew.java, Neanderthal.java, and Quiz9Q4.java

Section 001 (3pm)

Exam2Review.java, Puppy.java

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