CS 3330: Overview

This page does not represent the most current semester of this course; it is present merely as an archive.

CS 3330 – Computer Architecture, Fall 2014

Welcome to the work-in-progress class page for CS 3330 – Computer Architecture. This material represents the best current estimate of course flow and content. It will be refined as the semester draws closer and in reaction to how the course runs.

Course Content

There are two common expectations that this course does not fulfill:

Instead, you will learn

This course has minimal overlap with ECE/CS 2330 and CS 2150. It assumes you did well in CS 2110 (if you got less than a C−, you may not even enroll in this class). CS 3330 has enough overlap with ECE 3430 that you may only receive credit for one of those two courses.

Course Staff

This is the place to get help. Access it through collab or at piazza.com.
Luther Tychonievich, instructor
Office: Rice 210. If the door is open, you are welcome to come in.
Office Hours: See calender below
Email: tychonievich@virginia.edu. I generally check it once a day on business days only.
Telephone: 434-243-3789
Use Piazza to contact them (a private post if you need to).

Office Hours:

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You will need

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