CS 3330: Grading

This page does not represent the most current semester of this course; it is present merely as an archive.

Grading is one of the aspects of a course that instructors enjoy even less than students. Still, we are stuck with them, so here goes.

Portion of coursePercentage of Final Grade
Exam 115%
Exam 215%
Final Exam20%

Your final grade is computed based on the percentage of points you have earned and is designed to match the GPS value of each letter. For reasons I do not understand, that is not a linear scale: for example, A- − B+ = 0.4 grade points while B+ − B = 0.3 grade points. For reasons even farther from my ken, the most common grading scale I have seen is also not linear but differently spaced than the grade points. Following is a scale spaced like the grade point scale:

You get if you score
A+ near the top
A ≥ 93%
A−≥ 90%
B+ ≥ 86%
B ≥ 83%
B−≥ 80%
C+ ≥ 76%
C ≥ 73%
C−≥ 70%
D+ ≥ 66%
D ≥ 63%
D−≥ 60%
F otherwise

I do not round grades. 92.99999919% is not ≥ 93% and is thus an A−, not an A.

I do not curve grades. However, I might adjust rubrics based on systemic problems in assignments that are revealed as part of the grading process.

If I believe you have cheated, I may apply an arbitrarily harsh grade penalty up to and including an F in the course. This penalty is independent of any findings of the University Honor System.

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