CS 3330: Lecture Notes

2021-11-25summary notes
2021-11-13address translation notes
hackathon announcement
hackathon webpage
2021-10-28comments on quiz 10
2021-10-16cache terms and example
bubble and stall analogy
2021-09-23the PIPE− hardware image
2021-09-18aside about timing
Bryant's Slides
2021-09-11hand-crafted Assembly
2021-09-09Bit-fiddles; Writing GCC ASM
2021-09-04IS32 Summary
2021-08-28Transistors, gates, multiplexers, decoders, and registers
2021-08-26About this Class
2020-11-25summary notes
2020-11-13address translation notes
hackathon announcement
hackathon webpage
2020-10-28comments on quiz 10
2020-10-16cache terms and example
bubble and stall analogy
2020-09-23the PIPE− hardware image
2020-09-18aside about timing
Bryant's Slides
2020-09-11hand-crafted Assembly
2020-09-09Bit-fiddles; Writing GCC ASM
2020-09-04IS32 Summary
2020-08-28Transistors, gates, multiplexers, decoders, and registers
2020-08-26About this Class
2019-11-25summary notes
2019-11-13address translation notes
hackathon announcement
hackathon webpage
2019-10-28comments on quiz 10
2019-10-16cache terms and example
bubble and stall analogy
2019-09-23the PIPE− hardware image
2019-09-18aside about timing
Bryant's Slides
2019-09-11hand-crafted Assembly
2019-09-09Bit-fiddles; Writing GCC ASM
2019-09-04IS32 Summary
2019-08-28Transistors, gates, multiplexers, decoders, and registers
2019-08-26About this Class
2018-11-25summary notes
2018-11-13address translation notes
hackathon announcement
hackathon webpage
2018-10-28comments on quiz 10
2018-10-16cache terms and example
bubble and stall analogy
2018-09-23the PIPE− hardware image
2018-09-18aside about timing
Bryant's Slides
2018-09-11hand-crafted Assembly
2018-09-09Bit-fiddles; Writing GCC ASM
2018-09-04IS32 Summary
2018-08-28Transistors, gates, multiplexers, decoders, and registers
2018-08-26About this Class
2017-11-25summary notes
2017-11-13address translation notes
hackathon announcement
hackathon webpage
2017-10-28comments on quiz 10
2017-10-16cache terms and example
bubble and stall analogy
2017-09-23the PIPE− hardware image
2017-09-18aside about timing
Bryant's Slides
2017-09-11hand-crafted Assembly
2017-09-09Bit-fiddles; Writing GCC ASM
2017-09-04IS32 Summary
2017-08-28Transistors, gates, multiplexers, decoders, and registers
2017-08-26About this Class
2016-11-25summary notes
2016-11-13address translation notes
hackathon announcement
hackathon webpage
2016-10-28comments on quiz 10
2016-10-16cache terms and example
bubble and stall analogy
2016-09-23the PIPE− hardware image
2016-09-18aside about timing
Bryant's Slides
2016-09-11hand-crafted Assembly
2016-09-09Bit-fiddles; Writing GCC ASM
2016-09-04IS32 Summary
2016-08-28Transistors, gates, multiplexers, decoders, and registers
2016-08-26About this Class
2015-11-25summary notes
2015-11-13address translation notes
hackathon announcement
hackathon webpage
2015-10-28comments on quiz 10
2015-10-16cache terms and example
bubble and stall analogy
2015-09-23the PIPE− hardware image
2015-09-18aside about timing
Bryant's Slides
2015-09-11hand-crafted Assembly
2015-09-09Bit-fiddles; Writing GCC ASM
2015-09-04IS32 Summary
2015-08-28Transistors, gates, multiplexers, decoders, and registers
2015-08-26About this Class
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summary notes
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address translation notes
hackathon announcement
hackathon webpage
2014-11-11mp3 (30.2 MB) 2014-11-11-QA.txt (0 KB)
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2014-11-06mp3 (34.2 MB) 2014-11-06-functions.c (0 KB)
2014-11-06-loops.c (1 KB)
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comments on quiz 10
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2014-10-21mp3 (31.2 MB) 2014-10-21-chache-examples.txt (10 KB)
2014-10-162014-10-16-cacheQA.txt (2 KB)
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cache terms and example
2014-10-09mp3 (33.1 MB) 2014-10-09.png (197 KB)
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2014-10-09h.png (121 KB)
2014-10-09i.png (121 KB)
2014-10-09j.png (52 KB)
2014-10-07mp3 (32.0 MB) 2014-10-07.png (132 KB)
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2014-10-07h.png (177 KB)
2014-10-07i.png (80 KB)
2014-10-02mp3 (30.3 MB) 2014-10-02.png (262 KB)
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2014-10-02c.png (176 KB)
2014-09-30mp3 (24.9 MB) 2014-09-30.png (112 KB)
2014-09-30b.png (60 KB)
bubble and stall analogy
2014-09-23mp3 (33.9 MB) 2014-09-23-QA.txt (1 KB)
2014-09-23.png (133 KB)
2014-09-23b.png (107 KB)
2014-09-23c.png (236 KB)
2014-09-23d.png (118 KB)
2014-09-23e.png (206 KB)
2014-09-23f.png (119 KB)
the PIPE− hardware image
2014-09-18mp3 (32.4 MB) 2014-09-18.png (178 KB)
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2014-09-18c.png (135 KB)
2014-09-18d.png (123 KB)
aside about timing
2014-09-16mp3 (32.5 MB) 2014-09-16.png (149 KB)
2014-09-16b.png (335 KB)
Bryant's Slides
2014-09-11mp3 (7.0 MB) 2014-09-11.png (255 KB)
2014-09-11b.png (115 KB)
2014-09-11c.png (229 KB)
hand-crafted Assembly
2014-09-09mp3 (22.3 MB) 2014-09-09-slowsqrt-annotated.s (1 KB)
2014-09-09.png (473 KB)
2014-09-09b.png (90 KB)
Bit-fiddles; Writing GCC ASM
2014-09-04mp3 (33.2 MB) 2014-09-04.png (119 KB)
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2014-09-04c.png (135 KB)
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IS32 Summary
2014-09-02mp3 (33.6 MB) 2014-09-02.png (646 KB)
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2014-08-28mp3 (33.9 MB) 2014-08-28.png (346 KB)
Transistors, gates, multiplexers, decoders, and registers
2014-08-26About this Class
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