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  • [PI as Conference PC]: ICML(15-17), NIPS (reviewer 08-17), AAAI(15-17), IJCAI15 , SDM14, MLCB (as chair 09-11, PC 12-14), SIGIR-DC13, EMNLP12, HLT12, ACML12, ICME(10,11), Grace Hopper Fellowship (08-13,17)



  • [2017/03/30]: Dr. Qi won the "Advisor of the Year" award in the UVERS (University of Virginia Engineering Research Symposium)! The Advisor of the Year award was selected by the graduate students of UVA school of engineering.
  • [2017/05/22]: In the past year, I’ve been so fortunate to work with Muthuraman Chidambaram, Chandan Singh and Andrew Norton. Yesterday they all obtained the Bachelor of Computer Science with the highest distinction! Muthu and Chandan also got their degrees in three years! Big congratulations!
  • [2017/05/10]: Congratulations to my PhD student, Ritambhara Singh, who has been awarded with a GHC Student Scholarship to attend the 2017 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2017 (#GHC17).
  • [2017/04/23]: Congratulations to my under-RA: Chandan Singh, His senior thesis "A novel Machine-Learning Algorithm for Uncovering Brain Connections Underlying Autism" was named as the winner of SEAS Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium-Design. He has also won the Computer Science Undergraduate Research Award of 2016-2017.
  • [2017/03/30]: Congratulations to my PhD student, Ritambhara Singh, who won first prize in the UVERS (University of Virginia Engineering Research Symposium) podium presentation competition. She has also won the Computer Science Graduate Research Award of 2016-2017.



  • [2016/09/16]: Dr. Qi, gave an invited talk @ UVA DSI (Datapalooza Event). Talk Title: "Machine Learning for Big Data in Biomedicine". (Slide)
  • [2016/09/01]: Dr. Qi, Prof. Evans and Prof. Weimer an NSF grant, "TWC: Small: Automatic Techniques for Evaluating and Hardening Machine Learning Classifiers in the Presence of Adversaries"! (abstract).

  • [2016/08/24]: Congratulations to my PhD student, "Jack Lanchantin" who has received the PSB-2017 travel fellowship.
  • [2016/08/24]: Congratulations to my PhD student, "Ritambhara Singh" who has received the ECCB-2016 travel fellowship.
  • [2016/06/26]: Congratulations to my PhD student, "Jack Lanchantin" who has been selected into the NIH UVA Biomedical Data Sciences Training Program. Through this program, Jack will work closely with Prof. Stephen S Rich, Director of Center for Public Health Genomics, University of Virginia School of Medicine.
  • [2016/06/24]: Congratulations to my PhD student, "Beilun Wang" who has received the IBM travel award from ICML16 combio workshop. This is a merit based award selecting 4 awards out of 50 submissions (ranking by the review scores).
  • [2016/06/24]: Our team had a great showup at ICML16-ComBio workshop, two spotlight talks (rate 20%): (1) SIMULE (2): DeepMotif
  • [2015/04/12]: Congratulations to my undergraduate thesis student, "Sarah Mohamed" who will join Harvard graduate program since Fall 2016.



  • [2015/08/18]: Dr. Qi has received an NSF CAREER award! (NSF CAREER awards are extremely competitive and prestigious grants for pre-tenure faculty).

  • [2015/03/18]: Our research is featured ! at (UVAToday) : "Computer Scientist Translates Data into Impact".

  • [2015/04]: Graduate-Master-Member Sarah Masud Preum has successfully finished her master thesis defense ! .
  • [2015/04]: Graduate-Master-Member Nicholas Janus has successfully finished his master project presentation ! .



  • [2014/10/01]: Best Paper Award ! for our paper: J. Gong, P. Asare, J. Lach, Y. Qi, (2014) "Piecewise Linear Dynamical Model for Actions Clustering from Inertial Body Sensors with Considerations of Human Factors", BodyNets 2014 : 9th International Conference on Body Area Networks (BodyNets2014) (BodyNets2014) (PDF) (TalkSlides)



  • [2013/08]:    After working in the industry research lab for five years. Dr. Qi returned back to academia as a faculty member at Computer Science Department in University of Virginia !


2008-- 2013 summer

  • Dr. Qi got Promoted to Senior Researcher of NEC Labs America, in June 2013.
  • Dr. Qi Won the 2nd place in TREC Medical Track 2012 automatic run (out of 82 submissions)
  • Dr. Qi Won NEC-Labs 2011 Sprouting award (team award; as team lead)
  • Dr. Qi Won NEC contribution award of IT service BU 2010 (team award, as team member).
  • Dr. Qi Won NEC-Labs 2010 SEEDs award (4 out of 18 candidate teams! team award; as team lead)
  • Dr. Qi Won NEC-Labs 2009 SEEDs award (team award; as team lead) 


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