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Research Talk Slides

Name (Slide) Year
Adversarial-Playground: (Slide) 2017
DeepMotif: (Slide) 2017
DeepChrome: (Slide) 2016
MUST-CNN: A Multilayer Shift-and-Stitch Deep Convolutional Architecture for Sequence-based Protein Structure Prediction (Slide) 2016
Invited: Machine Learning for Big Data in Biomedicine @ UVA DSI (Datapalooza Event) (Slide) 2016
Character-based StringKernel: (Slide) 2016
TransferStringKernel: (Slide) 2016
Automatically Evading Classifiers (Slide) 2016
MAPer: A Multi-scale Adaptive Personalized Model for Temporal Human Behavior Prediction (Slide) 2015
Machine Learning for Big Data Complexity in Biomedicine (Slide) 2014
Unsupervised Feature Learning by Deep Sparse Coding (Slide) 2014
Deep Learning for Character-based Information Extraction (Slide) 2014
Learning the Dependency Structure of Latent Factors (Slide) 2012
Retrieving Medical Records with SENNAMED at TREC 2012 Medical Record Track (Slide) 2012
Sentiment Classification with Supervised Sequence Encoder (Slide) 2012
Sentiment Classification Based on Supervised Latent n-gram Analysis (Slide) 2011
Semi-Supervised Convolution Graph Kernels for Relation Extraction (Slide) 2011
Sparse Latent Semantic Analysis (Slide) 2011
Semi-Supervised Abstraction-Augmented String Kernel for Multi-Level Bio-Relation Extraction (Slide) 2010
Semi-Supervised Multi-Task Learning for Predicting Interactions between HIV-1 and Human Proteins (Slide) 2010
Learning Preferences using Millions of Features by Enforcing Sparsity (Slide) 2010
Semi-Supervised Sequence Labeling with Self-Learned Feature (Slide) 2009
Systematic prediction of human membrane receptor interactions (Slide) 2009
Learning of Protein Interaction Networks (Slide) 2008
Protein Complex Identification by Supervised Graph Clustering (Slide) 2008
A Mixture of Feature Experts Approach for Protein-Protein Interaction Prediction (Slide) 2005
Supervised Classification for Video Shot Segmentation (Slide) 2003

Talk Slides about Career Development

Name (Slide) Year
"Machine Learning and A Personal Journey for Engineering" (Slide) 2015
"Machine Learning and A Personal Journey for Engineering" (Slide) 2014
"Advice from Early Career Faculty" (Slide) 2014

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