ADAMS - Advanced DAta Management System


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Technical Reports

Computer Science Department

Reilly, S. D.; Pfaltz, J. L.; French, J. C.. Increasing the Computational Potential of the World Wide Web, February 9, 1996.
Abstract: For many World Wide Web applications there is a need to provide session semantics so that users have the impression of a continuous interaction. This is true, for example, when one searches a database interactively. Because WWW servers are stateless some extra mechanism is necessary to give the impression of session semantics. This report discusses a strategy for implementing session semantics over a WWW application. Apart from the need to maintain state during interactive sessions, there is also the need to control the application. Under any circumstances this is a tedious activity. This report also discusses a mechanism for modeling a WWW application as a finite state automaton and describes a tool, the Stateful Server Application Tool (SSAT), built to assist in the development of these applications.

Haddleton, Russell F.. An Implementation of a Parallel Object Oriented Database System, December 20, 1995.
Abstract: In the following document we describe the current implementation of ADAMS, a parallel object oriented database system developed at the University of Virginia. The parallel data structures employed by ADAMS are discussed, as is the client/server architecture. We list a number of sources of parallel speed-up found in typical ADAMS programs, and explain how these opportunities are exploited. Several potential future research projects related to this work are given.

Institute for Parallel Computation

John L. Pfaltz, The ADAMS Language: A Tutorial and Reference Manual, April 1993.
This report describes the ADAMS language as it would be used by an applications programmer. It does not describe how ADAMS is implemented. The first three sections assume no knowledge of ADAMS whatever, and are quite tutorial in nature. Only basic, introductory concepts are covered. The remaining sections, although still tutorial, presume some familiarity, e.g. having coded simple programs of the same complexity as those in Section 3. The treatment in these sections is definitive, so that the report can be also used as a reference manual.

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