Translating Emily:

Digitally Re-Presenting Fascicle 16

Sharon Cameron uses the violent sentence, "Then she stabbed them and bound them with string" to describe the final steps in the process of self-publication that Emily Dickinson employed. The publication history of Emily Dickinson is a history of a continual and sometimes violent re-fashioning and re-presenting of both the poet and the poems.

In this project, I attempt to offer you a journey through that history, a chance for you as reader to experience the process of construction of this canonized American poet. I take as my focus a small group of Dickinson's poems, the eleven poems grouped together in what we have termed Fascicle 16. The eleven poems of the fascicle are (in the order in which they appear in the fascicle):

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The editions of Dickinson's poems which I have included in this project are: