TPVM: Threads-Oriented PVM

Threads-oriented PVM (TPVM) is an experimental subsystem for PVM which supports the use of light-weight processes or "threads" as the basic unit of scheduling and parallelism. The system has been ported to the SunOS 4.x and Solaris 2.x environments. The latest version also has ports that work on SGI workstations running IRIX 5.x, and IBM RS/6000's running AIX. All of these versions have been tested for interoperability - i.e. threads running on one of the above platforms can cooperate with threads running on other platforms transparently. The system is designed for ease of portability, so if your favorite platform, OS, or threads implementation isn't represented in the version available here, the required changes are few and are localized to a single module (the architecture independent threads module).

TPVM questions, comments and problems should be directed to Adam Ferrari,

Click here to download the latest TPVM source. As always, the system is still under active development and may not be stable under certain conditions - Caveat User!!!

TPVM: A Threads-Based Interface and Subsystem for PVM - The users' guide and reference manual for the TPVM system.
TPVM: Distributed Concurrent Computing with Lightweight Processes - A paper describing the basic prototype design, implementation, and performance of the TPVM system.
Multiparadigm Distributed Computing with TPVM - The most recent paper describing the current implementation and performance results achieved with the TPVM system.

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