CS 101 & 101-E: Slides

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CS 101 Course meeting materials

Week of November 29: GUIs and Widgets, Review

Week of November 22: Homework and GUIs

Week of November 15: arrays and code

Week of November 8: methods and code

Week of 1 November: Homework, test review, iteration code (Service.java)

Week of 25 October 25: Examples

Week of 18 October: Decisions

Week of 11 October: Classes

Week of 4 October: Classes

Week of 37 September: Review

Week of September 20: Class basics

Week of September 13: Java Basics

Week of September 6: Introduction, Java Basics

Week of September 1: Introduction, Hardware

CS 101-E Slides

Week of 29 November: Review for exam 3, GUIs (chapter G1)

Week of 22 November: Inheritance (chapter 9)

Week of 15 November: Arrays (chapter 8), Inheritance (chapter 9)

Week of 8 November: Methods and classes (chapter 7)

Week of 1 November: Iteration (chapter 6)

Week of 25 October: Decisions (chapter 5), Review of HW J3, Review for exam 2

Week of 18 October: Decisions (chapter 5)

Week of 11 October: Classes addendum (chapter 4)

Week of 4 October: Classes (chapter 4)

Week of 27 September: Review for exam 1

Week of 20 September: Visibility and static-ness, Class basics

Week of 13 September: Java basics, Visibility and static-ness

Week of 6 September: Programming overview, Java basics

Week of 1 September: Introduction, Hardware

These slides use Microsoft Powerpoint.  You can download a free PowerPoint viewer here.  Some of the slides use animations which may not print correctly.  Also, these animations may not work correctly in versions of PowerPoint prior to 2002.