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The Drivers 

Hardware mini-FAQ 

There is not much data out there, but this FAQ answers a lot of the commonly asked questions about chipset compatibility.



vic is a network video tool which supports the Matrox Meteor on the Intel platform. It grabs video off the Meteor and receives other video sources from the network. It can work point-to-point between two people, or it can operate in multicast mode to connect many people.
Download the sources as is. They'll compile and run.
I've heard of two Linux success stories on the net. I can't verify any of this information, since I don't run Linux currently. These links are provided as is.
Metcap is a program I wrote that is basically cribbed from some source that Jim Lowe put in his man page. The code in the man page didn't compile directly, and it wasn't very nice. This code will grab one frame and write it to a file in PPM format.


Tk/Tcl Widget
Heiko Teuber announced the first version of a Tcl/Tk-Widget for the Matrox Meteor Framegrabber. It is called meteor_fgrab_widget_0.7.tgz. You can find it at With it comes a little Tcl/Tk front-end to demonstrate the functionality of the widget.

Mailing List 

There is a mailing list at This list is for users and developers, both on FreeBSD and Linux, to share ideas, applications and ask questions about using the drivers. You won't get much help here if you're trying to do things with Windows NT or Windows 95.

 NEW: Paolo Gaudiano has created a threaded, searchable mailing list archive . It's very good.


  1. I'm not an authority. I didn't write the drivers. However, I've got several Pentiums running with the Meteor boards under both operating systems, so I can tell you a few things that I've discovered.

  3. Also, if you're the owner of some information, and your information indicates that my information is incorrect, please send me your information so I can update my information. Cool?

Paco Hope
Multimedia Networks Group
Department of Computer Science,
University of Virginia

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