A Very Brief Summary

Adrian Filipi-Martin and Paco Hope have extended the Nachos instructional operating system. It now can be compiled under FreeBSD to run as a stand-alone operating system. The code to make the stand-alone operating system is integrated into the Nachos directory structure as any other part of the Nachos system.

This project was done as part of our CS 656 Operating Systems class. Our report on this project is available in various formats. Note that this is not a publication-quality paper, but simply a class report on what we did.

This project is not publically available. Don't ask for it. Please E-mail all other questions and comments to

Demo Available

If you are really brave and want to try a demo, you can download a gzipped, bootable disk image. Basically, you need to put this, byte-for-byte, onto a floppy disk, starting at sector 0. Then you just press the big red button.

Original Nachos Credits

The Nachos Operating System was originally developed by Tom Anderson at the University of California at Berkeley.

Adrian Filipi-Martin
Paco Hope
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