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CiteMaker is a bibliography generation system for Adobe FrameMaker based on the BibTeX bibliography tool. CiteMaker allows you to create citations to references maintained within a BibTeX database and automatically creates a formatted reference list  based on the cited references using standard BibTeX database and bibliography style files. Since CiteMaker is integrated with FrameMaker, all actions are interactive and the results are WYSIWYG. 

Downloading Citemaker

A self-installing executable for CiteMaker can be downloaded from this server. 

CiteMaker News

Periodically, announcements concerning CiteMaker will be released. You can receive a copy of these announcements via e-mail.


If you have questions about CiteMaker, you may want to refer to our list of frequently asked questions. 


If you have any comments concening CiteMaker, or questions not addressed in the FAQ, we invite you to e-mail us. 


Installing and Using CiteMaker describes how to install, configure, and use CiteMaker. 
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