CS 851

Large Scale Deeply Embedded Networks


Graduate Seminar Fall 2001



Directed by: Jack Stankovic, Sang Son, Tarek Abdelzaher, Chenyang Lu


Dense collections of smart sensors, processors, and actuators, networked to form self-configuring teams provide a basis for a new computing paradigm that challenges many classical approaches to distributed computing. For example, consensus, group membership, approaches to dependability, networking, real-time service, and control algorithms all fundamentally change when confronted with this new environment. This seminar will study a large number of research papers that deal with various aspects of smart sensor/processor/actuator networks. Students will present papers, contribute to discussion, and perform a project either on a network of motes (tiny devices consisting of sensors, radio (wireless) transmission, and processing power) or on a wireless network simulator.


Time: Monday & Wednesday 10-11:15


Place: Olsson Hall 228E


Prerequisites: Graduate student status, background in operating systems and computer networks is desirable.


Enrollment: A maximum number of 20 students may enroll in this class due to space limitations. Enrollment is under the permissions of the instructors only.


Class Pointers

Outline of Course

I.              Introduction (2 lectures; 8/29 9/3)

1)      Jack Stankovic: Introduction

2)      Tarek Abdelzaher: Visions of Deeply Embedded Networks

Motivation; applications; types of systems to be investigated; objectives and logistics of the course; introductory vision papers

II.           TinyOS and Motes (2 lectures; 9/5 9/10)

1)      Chenyang Lu: Berkley Motes and TinyOS

2)      Tian He: TinyOS Source Code and Programming

The hardware, TinyOS, programming environments, and source code of the Berkley mote testbed

III.         Sensor Network Simulation (1 lecture)

1)      Sagnik Bhattacharya: Sensor Network Simulation (9/17)

IV.        Location Service (3 lectures)

Coordinator: Tarek Abdelzaher

1)      Yvan Pointurier: Static Location Services (9/19)

2)      Brian Clarke: Location Services with Mobile Nodes (9/24)

3)      Vivek Sharma: Location directory services (9/26)

V.           Ad hoc Wireless Sensor Networks (6 lectures)

Coordinator: Chenyang Lu

1)      Karl G Scheidt: Media Access Control (10/1)

2)      Ruiqing Zhu: Classical Ad Hoc Routing (I) (10/3)

3)      Joshua George: Classical Ad Hoc Routing (II) (10/8)

4)      Brian Blum: Energy-Aware Ad Hoc Routing (10/10)

Project pre-proposals (1 lecture; 10/17)


5)      Dhiraj Parashar: Data Dissemination in Sensor Networks (10/22)

6)      Ronghua Zhang: Directed Diffusion (10/24)

VI.        Group Management and Consensus (4 lectures)

Coordinator: Jack Stankovic

1)      Chengdu Huang: Introduction to consensus (10/29)

2)      Kumar Manvendra: Approximate agreement (10/31)

3)      Ting Yan: Group formation (11/5)

4)      Qiuhua Cao: Gossip algorithms (11/7)

VII.      Real-time and Stream Data Management (3 lectures)

Coordinator: Sang Son

1)      Bei Zhang: Querying the Physical World (11/7)

2)      Zhendong Yu: Service Discovery (11/12)

3)      Weilin Zhong: Information service architecture (11/14)

VIII.   Swarm Computing: Programming Language Issues (1 lecture)

Coordinator: Tarek Abdelzaher

1)      Jun Feng: Swarm Computing (11/19)

IX.         Security Issues in Embedded Networks (1 lecture)

Coordinator: Tarek Abdelzaher

1)      Anthony Wood: Security in Embedded Networks (11/19)

X.           Feedback Control Theory in Computer Systems (3 lectures)

Coordinator: Chenyang Lu

1)      Chenyang Lu: Tutorial of Control Theory in Computing Systems (11/26)

2)      Joel A. Winstead: Feedback Control in a Single Node (11/28)

3)      Tibor Horvath: Feedback Control in Distributed Systems (12/3)

Background (tutorial) and methodology; Decentralized control; Integration with middleware

XI.         Self-stabilization in Large-scale Networks (2 lectures)

Coordinator: Jack Stankovic

1)      Prashant N. Nagaraddi: Self-stabilization (I) (12/5)

2)      Yingming Li: Self-stabilization (II) (12/5)

Project Presentations (4 lectures)

Related Projects/Links

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