CS110 Spring 2008 FAQ

Lecture Notes

ToolKit Homework Submission

ToolKit Homework Submission
Why does my spreadsheet show '-' instead of 0.00?

It's not a problem, but part of the Accounting number format to use - in place of 0.

How do I upload my pages to the web?

With any Internet connection, you can use the Home Directory web interface at homedir.virginia.edu. Or you can log into a computer on grounds use the J: drive. Just place your files into the public_html folder and they should be viewable.

Should my webpage work in ToolKit/Collab?

No. If you click on the html file in ToolKit or Collab it may work, but the images won't load, because they won't be in the same directory.

What program can I use if I don't have MS FrontPage?

You may use iWeb on the Mac, or you can download Dreamweaver or Netscape Composer. Be sure to get the older version that contains Composer, version 7.

Why doesn't my image load?

Could be one of several errors:

  • The file is not located in the same folder (directory) as the html file.
  • The file is not the same case as the reference in your html code.
  • The file is not really a jpg, gif, or png type

What do I do if my page comes up "403 Forbidden"?

You have encountered a rare permissions issue that's not your fault. Go to this site and follow the instructions.

Is the final cumulative?

No, other than HTML, the final is based on material after the midterm.

What's my current grade?

You can figure it out from the gradebook.  The criteria for letter grades is in the syllabus, and it's unlikely that final grades will be curved.