Class 15, Monday, February 19

CSV Chrestomathics

Make sure what you know — Be sure you know what you know — Know now that you know

Look both ways


Datasets de jeur

Book, Author, Language, Date, Sales

Don Quixote, de Cervantes, Spanish, 1605, 500000000

A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens, English, 1859, 200000000

The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien, English, 1954, 150000000

The Little Prince, de Saint-Exupéry, French, 1943, 140000000

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Rowling, English, 1997, 120000000

The Hobbit, Tolkien, English, 1937, 100000000

And Then There Were None, Christie, English, 1939, 100000000

Dream of the Red Chamber, Xueqin, Chinese, 1754, 100000000

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Carroll, English, 1865, 100000000

Location, Author, Max Height, Min Height

Narnia, Lewis, 4810, -10

Neverland, Milne, 426, -2

Oz, Baum, 1231, 679

Sleep Hollow, Irving, 1629, 304

Stars Hollow, Sherman-Palladino, 725, 152

Toyland, MacDonough, 6187, 0

Wonderland, Carroll, 5895, -5

Country, Females, Males, Continent

Afghanistan, 15160172, 16251571, Asia

Albania, 1599688, 1604596, Europe

Algeria, 17567864, 17900344, Africa

Angola, 9632075, 9449837, Africa

Argentina, 20643969, 19768407, South America

Armenia, 1652892, 1439180, Europe

Australia, 11175724, 11092660, Oceania



Enter the name of a data set: elevations.csv

Enter a column label for the data set: Author

Enter a column label for the data set: Max Height

Min Max Height: 426

Author: Milne

Enter the name of a data set: countries.csv

Enter a column label for the data set: Country

Enter a column label for the data set: Males

Min Males: 101778

Country: Mayotte

Enter the name of a data set: best-sellers.csv

Enter a column label for the data set: Language

Enter a column label for the data set: Book

Min Date: 1605

Book: Don Quixote

To do

Another dataset

Type,Name,Population,Male,Female,Households,Total Housing Units,Owner-occupied

A,Accomack County,38305,18590,19715,15299,19550,11482

A,Albemarle County,79236,38002,41234,31876,33720,20991

A,Alleghany County,12926,6450,6476,5149,5812,4369

A,Amelia County,11400,5622,5778,4240,4609,3474

A,Amherst County,31894,15208,16686,11941,12958,9325

A,Appomattox County,13705,6671,7034,5322,5828,4315

A,Arlington County,189453,95443,94010,86352,90426,37370

A,Augusta County,65615,32995,32620,24818,26738,20628