Class 24 — March 19

Form with function

Why do I clang so — Is that to be my function — The Paw Patrol knows

Practice makes perfect — Is more than a platitude — Take it to your heart

Look both ways



Using functions

import module-name

module-name . function-name ( arguments )

Flow of control

Implementing functions

  • The information is called the parameter list. A parameter is a variable. Parameters are automatically initialized using information passed to it upon function startup.
  • A function typically produces a value that is returned to the code that invoked it. Python provides the return statement for this purpose.

return function-result

  • The algorithm is written as code. The code is known as a statement block or as the body of the function.

Function invocation syntax and terminology

def function-name( parameters ) :

  ''' header-comment '''



To do

pitch perfect poster