Class 3 – Monday, September 3

March on even though it’s September

Together we learn — To say what we mean to say — A skill to treasure

Look both ways

What makes me happy

Examples from last class – any questions?

We all haiku

We are star dust

viawWikipedia:fFull-sky image derived from nine years of NASA  WMAP data

Python arithmetic


Examples of the day – please download now

Shape your future


•   Variable     •   Value •   Operator    
•   Decimal division     •   Integer division     •   Remainder
•   Mod •   Type int •   Type float

To do list

Take aways

  • Takes two strings s and t and produces a new string by first copying s and immediately following it with a copy of t
  • Takes its integer n operand and its string operand s and produces a new string that is n copies of s