Class 34 — November 16


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What is the third part of the course?

photo manip gui

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To do

Some possible basic transformations

original original

Duplicated image

original original

Mirrored image


Flipped image


Clockwise rotation

Basic photo-manipulation problem-solving pattern

# get dimensions of the original

ow, oh = ...


# set dimensions of the new image

nw, nh = ...


# get a new appropriately sized image

new_image = 'RGB', ( nw, nh ) )


# fill in every pixel of the new image

for nx in range( 0, nw ) : # consider every x value for the new image

  for ny in range( 0, nh ) : # in tandem with every y value for the image


  # set the spot to be filled in the new image

  nspot = (nx ,ny )


  # determine the corresponding spot of interest in the original

  ospot = ...


  # get the pixel at the ospot

  opixel = ...


  # determine the pixel for the new image

  npixel = ...


  # set the nspot in the new image



# return the filled in new image

return new_image

  • How do the dimensions of the transformation compare with the original?
  • What is the correspondence between the pixels from the transformation with pixels from the original?