Step DateRecordingMeeting focus ArtifactsReadingsSlides
  3911/23 x Image manipulation
  3811/20 x Image mashing x
  3711/18 x Image manipulation
  3611/16 x Image manipulation x
  3511/13 Test 2
  3411/11 x Review and problem solving x
  3311/09 x First-class functions, image manipulation paragigm, chrestomathics x
  3211/06 x Chrestomathics x
  3111/04 x Pillow graphics x
  3011/02 x Optional parameters and chrestomathics x
  2910/30 x Parameter passing nuances and chresthomathics x
  2810/28 x Functions with list return values x
  2710/26 x Problem solving with functions x
  2610/23 x Problem solving with functions x
  2510/21 x Understanding functions x x x
  2410/19 x Implement and run user-defined functions x x
  2310/16 x Introducing user-defined functions x x x
  2210/14 x dictionaries and problem solving x x
  2110/12 x while statement and dictionaries x x
  2010/09 x Decision problem solving x x
  1910/07 x decision making x x
  1810/05 x Introduction to decision making x x
  1710/04 Test 1
  1609/30 x Review for test 1 x
  1509/28 x Web chrestomathics x
  1409/26 x Datasets and randomness x
  1309/23 x nested looping, problem solving x x
  1209/21 x printing, nested looping, problem solving x x
  1109/18 x list accumulation and manipulation x x
  1009/16 x loop construction and accumulation x x
  0909/14 x String manipulation x x
  0809/11 x String manipulation x
  0709/09 x Nuances and strings and introduction to looping x x
  0609/07 x Nuances and strings x x
  0509/04 x Casting, conversion, interactive programs x x
  0409/02 x Variables, assignment, and input x x x
  0308/31 x Basic types x x
  0208/28 x Program anatomy x x
  0108/26 x Chrestomathics: the story begins  
  0008/05 Preparation  


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