Step DateRecordingMeeting focus ArtifactsReadingsSlides
  1102/24 x Strings, speciliazed printing, and problem solving x x, x
  1002/24 x Strings and accumulation x x, x
  0902/22 x Strings and accumulation x x, x
  0802/19 x Looping x x
  0702/15 x Expression evaluation, string manipulation, introducing looping x x
  0602/12 x Nuances and strings x x
  0502/10 x Casting, conversion, interactive programs x x
  0402/08 x Variables, assignment, and input x x x
  0302/05 x Basic types x x
  0208/26 x Program anatomy x x
  0108/26 x Chrestomathics: the story begins  
  0008/05 Preparation  


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