Welcome to the CS 2110 Course Homepage

Important dates!
  • Wed., Feb. 16: Exam 1 (information and help doc)
  • Wed., Feb. 23: HW2 due. HW3 available.
  • Wed., Mar. 16: HW3 due.
  • Mon/Tue., Mar. 21/22: Project begins in lab.
  • Wed., Mar. 30: Exam 2
  • Sun., Apr. 17: Project code and reports due.
  • Mon./Tue., Apr. 18/19: Project demos in lab.
  • Wed., Apr. 20: HW4 available
  • Mon., May 2: HW4 due.
  • Fri., May 6: Final exam for 1pm section, 9am-noon
  • Sat., May 7: Final exam for 10am section, 9am-noon
Quick Links

TA Office Hours: See the Google calendar
Message Boards: Collab Message Boards
Use the message boards for general questions about getting help, assignments, lab exercises, and if you don't care who of the staff reads or answers your question.
Email the Staff: UVa CS 2110 Staff Account
Email the staff account for direct HW questions.
Email the Instructor: Prof. Tom Horton
Email Prof. Horton for exam issues, emergencies, etc.

Course Staff

Prof. Tom Horton / Office: Olsson 228B / Phone: 982-2217 / Email: horton.uva@gmail.com
Office Hours: MWF, 11-noon; Tu Th, 1:30-2:30pm

Teaching Assistants:
Mon., 3-4:45pm, Section 104 (Head TA: Jonathan Dorn)
Mon., 5-6:45pm, Section 101 (Head TA: Robbie Hott)
Mon., 7-8:45pm, Section 102 (Head TA: Ben Rodes)
Tue., 9:00-10:45am, Section 103 (Head TA: Robbie Hott)
Course Meeting Schedule: Google Calendar