Information on Exam 2, CS 2110 - Spring 2011

 [Updated] Updated!  Fri., March 25, 12pm

The test will be held on Wednesday, March 30, in class at the regular class-meeting time.
Be sure to come on time! 

Readings from the MSD textbook: 

All slides from this part of the course:

There might be coding questions on the following:


SW Engineering and Design:

  1. Design (see the textbook for some of this)
  2. Execution-based Testing
  3. The "forms of inheritance" listed on pp. 53-55 and in slides.

Java Collections Framework:

  1. Introduction, concepts for this framework
  2. How to use Java generics features to define a Collection that can only hold one kind of item.
  3. Iterators  vs. foreach loop
  4. Procedural and Data abstraction
  5. Ordering elements in Collections  We did this on Exam 1.
  6. Sets and Maps - their ADT's and basic Java implementations
  7. hashCode().  An additional member of the set of three functions we override from Object (the other two are toString, equals)


  1. Abstraction as an important principle in CS and computational thinking
  2. See also procedural abstraction in next set of topics

Algorithm Complexity:

  1. Definition of data structure, abstract data type (ADT)
  2. Measuring an algorithm's efficiency
  3. Asymptotic complexity
  4. Searching and sorting