CS 333:  Computer Architecture
Fall 2006

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12/7/2006: Midterm 2 solution posted.
12/4/2006: Final Exam Study Guide posted.
11/27/2006: Class notes updated. Includes Virtual Memory Examples handout from class.
10/25/2006: Exam date change: Midterm #2, Friday, November 3, 2006, in class.
10/23/2006: Assignment #4 posted, due Friday, October 27, 2006, in class.
10/3/2006: Revised Lab 2 and Assignment 3 posted.
10/2/2006: Lab 2 and Midterm 1 solution posted.
9/23/2006: Chapter summaries for Ch. 1-3 updated.
9/18/2006: Exam Date Change Midterm #1 moved from Wednesday, 9/27/06 to Friday, 9/29/06.
9/11/2006: Lab 1 posted.
8/23/2006:  Welcome to CS 333! Please take the beginning of course survey before Saturday, August 26, 2006. This counts as part of your class participation grade.

CS/ECE 333 - Fall 2006 Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change)

Week of: Monday Lecture Wednesday Lecture Friday Lecture Lab Reading
Aug 21 No class Introduction and History of Computing DLD review   Chapter 1, Appendix A
Aug 28 Basic structure of computer hardware and software Computer instruction sets Computer instruction sets   Appendix A
Sep 4 Instruction sets, Simple RISC Formal descriptions and register transfer notation (RTN) RTN cont'd, Addressing modes   Chapter 2
Sep 11 Machine characteristics, RISC, CISC CISC: MC68000 RISC: SPARC   Chapter 3
Sep 18 Assembly language programming Processor Design Process Control Units   Chapter 4
Sep 25 Exceptions Midterm Exam #1 Pipelining   Chapter 5
Oct 2 Pipeline Hazards Instruction Level Parallelism / Other forms of parallelism Microprogramming   Chapter 5
Oct 9 Reading Day (no class) Number systems/representation ALU Design   Chapter 6
Oct 16 Floating Point Arithmetic Memory system, RAM Memory boards and modules   Chapter 7
Oct 23 Memory hierarchy Virtual memory Memory subsystem   Chapter 8
Oct 30 I/O system Midterm Exam #2 I/O interrupts   Chapter 8/9
Nov 6 Direct memory access Disk drives, RAID Other mass storage, video displays   Chapter 9
Nov 13 Printers, input devices Analog-to-digital, digital-to-analog Data communication   Chapter 10
Nov 20

Thanksgiving Break (no classes this week)

Nov 27 LAN (RS-232, ethernet) USB, Firewire     Chapter 10
Dec 4 Internet, TCP/IP  no class Final Exam