Lecture Notes

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Outline of the course 9/2 PDF  

Review of Networking Concepts (Switching Networks)
PDF [Kurose/Ross]   Chapters 1, 4.1.

(This book is on reserve. Click here to find a pointer to the book).

Review of Networking Concepts (Layering) 9/4 PDF [Kurose/Ross]   Chapter 1 or [Tanenbaum]   Chapters 1 or [Stallings] Chapters 1, 2
Case Study: Telephone Network 9/14 PDF [Keshav]   Chapter 2 and 15.2
Case Study: Internet 9/16 PDF
[Keshav]   Chapter 3
[Liebeherr/El Zarki], Chapter 0, pages 1-38,
[Liebeherr/El Zarki], Chapter 3, pages 1-10.

[Clark 88] [Saltzer et. al. 84]

Case Study: ATM 9/21
PDF [Keshav]   Chapter 4
ATM Fundamentals
Case Study: Ethernet/LAN switch 9/23 PDF [Kurose/Ross]   Chapter 5.5, 5.6
[Liebeherr/El Zarki], Chapter 5.
Router Architecture
Packet Switches


James Aweya. IP Router Architectures: An Overview. Journal of Systems Architecture 46 (2000) pp.483-511, 1999.
Liebeherr / El Zarki: Chapter 3 (Section 2)
Overlay Networks 1
10/7 PDF
on Multicast Liebeherr / El Zarki: Chapter 10
on application layer multicast: [Chu 2000]
Overlay Networks 2: Peer-to-Peer networks and Distributed Hash Tables
10/14 PDF [Chord01], [CAN01]
Network Simulator Workshop: NS2 tutorial 1
10/21 Tutorial 1 (PDF)

Exercise (PDF)

Tutorial for the Network Simulator "ns"
Network Simulator Workshop: NS2 tutorial 2
10/26 Tutorial 2 (PDF) The ns Manual
Overlay Networks 3: Delaunay Triangulations
10/28 PDF [DT02]
Overlay Networks 4: HyperCast Tutorial
11/2 PDF HyperCast Documentation
[HyperCast03]  Programming Overlay Networks with Overlay Sockets.
Transport Layer Congestion Control   11/9
PDF [Chiu/Jain89]  Analysis of Increase and Decrease Algorithms ... .
[Jacobson88]  Congestion Avoidance and Control.
Transport Layer Congestion Control  (Part 2) 11/18
PDF [Fall/Floyd 96] Simulation-based Comparisons of Tahoe, Reno, and SACK TCP
[Jain95]  Congestion Control and Traffic Management in ATM Networks: Recent Advances and A Survey
Quality of Service - Introduction 11/23 PDF
Internet QoS: Integrated Services and Differentiated Services



[Xiao/Ni 99] Internet QoS: A Big Picture

[White, Crowcroft 97]  The Integrated Services in the Internet: State of the Art, 1997.

Quality of Service in ATM Networks
PDF [ATM-TM-v4] ATM Traffic Management Specification, Version 4.0, 1996.