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Computer Science Department Account Maintenance Policy


The CS Department issues accounts to faculty, students, staff, visitors and research collaborators who are actively working in the department. Special purpose 'project' accounts are created for group use, but these accounts do not permit interactive login, and are not covered here. Users who do not have an active, official affiliation with the department must have a faculty sponsor for their account; sponsors will be asked to renew their sponsorship for each account yearly.

These accounts are all subject to the appropriate use guidelines spelled out in the General Department Policy.

Student Accounts:

Graduate students are issued accounts when they matriculate to the university, and are removed when they depart. Their accounts are associated with the research group or advisor with whom they affiliate during their stay. After a student leaves the department, their account remains active for one month. After that month, the student's faculty sponsor will be notified of the pending account deletion and may opt to extend the account for one year. This process is repeated annually on that anniversary.

Undergraduate students are issued accounts upon request by email to root from a faculty member. Their accounts are sponsored by that faculty member from then on, and are treated in the same way as graduate student accounts from then on.

Staff Accounts:

Staff accounts are maintained for one month after a staff member has separated from the department (their final work day); staff accounts are treated in a similar fashion to student accounts; if a current faculty member may sponsor the staff account, subject to the annual renewal.

Faculty Accounts:

Faculty are issued accounts as soon as they have joined the university, and those are retained until they separate from the university. If they have an ongoing research or instructional relationship with the department, another faculty member may sponsor their account, subject to annual renewal.

Account Maintenance:

Account maintenance is performed three times a year, on the three semester boundaries, at the beginning of each term. For example, a user who graduates in May will be subject to this process beginning in June.

  • Current faculty will be notified of pending deletions for accounts they sponsor to see if they wish to extend the account(s) for one year, and then sent a reminder one week later; this notification will also include a list of users without known sponsors. After two weeks, if we have received no response, this is taken as tacit approval to remove the account(s).
  • The user is notified that their account is scheduled for deletion. They have one month from that time either obtain a new sponsor or to backup or copy off any data they wish to retain from our systems. They are sent a reminder of this pending deletion weekly until the deletion date arrives.
  • We do not archive deleted accounts; the data is simply removed from our system. Users who are unable to copy their data off-site should obtain DVD media and use the DVD burners in the public PCs to archive their data, if they wish to retain it. Faculty who wish to retain data from accounts they have sponsored but do not wish to retain the account are responsible for moving that data elsewhere on the system (into their own account or a research project account). We will not be storing this data or doing restorations from older tape backups.

E-mail Routing:

Because we no longer provide email delivery service as a component of an account, users already have their "" domain email routed to an email service provider (the CMS or Exchange at ITC, gmail,, etc.) outside of the department. We will continue to provide this routing service for alumnae as long as they continue to provide accurate forwarding addresses. Former staff and faculty forwarding will be deleted one year after their account is removed.