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Olsson 001 Lab Schedule

Lab schedule for the Fall 2004 semester. During these hours the lab is reserved for classes. Students with keys to the Olsson 001 lab are welcome to use the lab at any other time. Be aware that the lab can also be reserved by professors for special conferences or other needs on short notice. The Olsson 002a lab is not open for undergraduate use.

The undergraduate classes CS101, CS201, CS216  and CS333 are scheduled to use the lab this semester. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


8:00 AM          
8:30 AM          
9:00 AM          
9:30 AM          
10:00 AM CS201       CS333
10:30 AM      
11:00 AM CS333    
11:30 AM    
NOON   CS333


  CS333 CS101
12:30 PM    
1:00 PM   CS216  
1:30 PM      
2:00 PM         CS101
2:30 PM        
3:00 PM CS201 CS201    
3:30 PM CS101    
4:00 PM    
4:30 PM    
5:00 PM CS201 CS201      
5:30 PM      
6:00 PM    



6:30 PM    
7:00 PM CS201      
7:30 PM      
8:00 PM      
8:30 PM        
9:00 PM          
9:30 PM          
10:00 PM          
10:30 PM          
11:00 PM          

Special Reservations:

Questions/comments to labadmin@cs.virginia.edu

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