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Reserving Departmental Resources


The department has 6 laptop, an external DVD burner, a portable projector and both Unix and Windows Matlab CDs available to check out. See the reservations page for accurate descriptions of the various configurations.

For ALL machines

The policy for use of these portables is the following:
  • Machines are provided for use on out of town trips or for demos, not to provide home machines.
  • They are reserved through the reservation system on a first-come-first-serve basis. When making a reservation, the user must keep in mind that these resources are to be shared across the department, so reservations of extended periods of time should be limited.
  • Machines are to be returned in the state in which they were picked up. Any licensed software installed by the user must be removed prior to return to comply with the terms of the license. System configuration files should be left in a usable state.
  • Any user data left on a machine when it is returned may be removed as needed - be sure to copy your files off of the machines before returning them.
Equipment can be reserved by faculty and staff and grad students. Graduate students may be preempted by faculty up to the day of pickup. They are available to Graduate Students needing the machines for professional reasons (e.g. conference travel, interview trips) if there are no conflicting reservations placed prior to pickup.

Conference Rooms

We have three conference rooms available. 226D, 228E, and 236D may all be reserved.