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Teaching Lab Guidelines

Olsson 001

The equipment in the 001 teaching lab is primarily available for scheduled laboratory sessions. During a scheduled class session only the students in that section, their instructors and TAs are allowed in the room.

Olsson 002a

Outside of the scheduled lab sections the systems in 001 are available to 3rd and 4th year CS undergraduates who sign out keys through the department secretary. These users must agree to abide by the policies regarding use of the lab or access will be revoked.

Basic Rules for Labs

  • No food or drink is allowed in the labs near the computers. Please leave all food or drink at the table when you enter the lab.
  • Do not let other students into the lab who do not have their own key. Also, please do not prop the door open expect if it is during a lab session.
  • Please do not attempt to install any software or games in the lab.
  • You may store files on the C: drive, but be warned that your files will be deleted when you log out or the machine is rebooted. In other words, don't put anything on the hard drives that you wouldn't mind losing. Keep your data in your home directory.
  • Please leave the lab as clean or cleaner than you found it. When you leave the lab, make sure your area is clear of any papers or trash and that there is a chair at the computer.
  • Let's respect the other students who are using the lab. Try to keep the noise down. And if you come into the lab and see a computer where is looks like someone may be working (but the user just left the lab for awhile) please go to a different machine.
  • Report any problems with the lab to the System Staff by sending e-mail to